Hello!  I am excited to share my farm and family with you.  Please allow me to give an introduction and a little history on the name The Tuesday Table.

For the last decade or so my parents have hosted a weekly dinner, as you guessed on Tuesday.  Everyone is invited.  Everyone- if you were to show up next Tuesday evening a table setting and food would appear for you. It is not a quiet table, conversations fill the room and includes everyone and often travels in every direction.  This group of 7-12 (or more!) joins together regularly not only to share amazing food but our lives as well.  School or work presentations are rehearsed, job advice is given, babies and mothers to be are fussed over and thanks is given.

Join us regularly and I will introduce you to all of these crazy characters that fill my life with joy, and hopefully you will feel as much a part of our family as they have become.  But for now, lets talk FOOD!

Growing up we ate real food, all the time, way before it was trendy.  My freshman year of high school I was unaware you could purchase brownie mix in a box, I knew cake mix did but brownies in a box were a novelty.   Nearly everything we ate was from scratch.  We ate mostly the beef and lamb that came from our farm and local fresh or frozen produce, baked goods came from the oven.

I have since literally bought the family farm and have been working on restoring it to its “Hay Day” with my daughters.  Our goal is to bring as much from our farm to our table and the tables of others as we can.

Not long after starting this adventure into blogging and farming, a friend of mine asked the question, “Can you make soap with cow’s milk?”  The answer was yes, and in fact, the milk from our cow Sugar Dot makes wonderfully soothing soap.  And so now officially in 2017, I have entered the world of soap making and sales!

So here I am sharing our home with you friend.  I hope you enjoy the food, fun, and fellowship.