Happy Birthday Chris!

I usually arrive early with my girls on Tuesdays, after picking my oldest up from school we head home to do chores or go to riding lessons or something of that nature that usually end about an hour before the dinner crew arrives.  Tonight was typical in that manner, we were already settled into a groove, changing diapers and chit-chatting about different things.  Tonight I brought a box of baby clothes for the mama’s to be to pick through.

So what kind of outfit is this one supposed to be?

I’m not really sure, I think it’s just a cute little summery crop top.  Did you see that there are some pieces that go with the last batch I brought?

Here, let’s put this top with that, there we are making our own cute outfits!

Neither of us can really use this ‘little sister’ onsie (giggles) since we are only having our first.

Well, I don’t know, leave it here or as a rag, I don’t want it!

Hi!  And hello to you handsome baby!

He’s getting so big!

..standing with Dad next to the stove…

Man, there’s a lot of babies here tonight.  In a few months, there might be more babies than adults.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or if I should be scared.

Hmm.  I am  not sure either, but I know I am not contributing any more!  It is going to be busy for sure.

Hey guys!  Here, try a piece of the bread.

Is it Challah?

Yes is it good?


I was supposed to help make it for you, but that didn’t work out.

You were going to help?


Dinners Ready!

No, he needs a real chair, your little you can sit on one of the folding chairs.


Mom, you can sit on the other side.  Then you can just stay there.

Yeah, the girls and I will be on the clean up side tonight.

Really?  Are you sure? OOOOK.

(General murmuring and conversation as people settle into slightly different places than normal, but all very cheery)

Is that Spanakopita?!

Close Spinach Ricotta Pie.  It also has pepperoni and mushrooms in it.  It’s is kind of like pizza.

Can  you say prayers please?

Bless this house oh Lord we pray.  Keep us safe by night and day. Amen


So was the birthday dinner chef’s choice tonight?

Yeah, the idea was Italian, but not spaghetti or lasagna.

So, how do we go about this?

The pieces with the toothpicks DO NOT have pepperoni

Oh good!  I hate pepperoni.

Really? Like even on pizza.

I have never liked it, even when I was little.  I am really not even polite about picking it off pizza.

Well, the Caesar won’t care.

The pie is a savory pie crust filled with cooked spinach, ricotta cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and a little ham.  You put the red sauce (marinara) over it.

Then this is chicken parmesan like we had it growing up.  Pieces of chicken pounded thin and coated in parmesan cheese and seasoned bread crumbs, pan fried until it is crispy.  Then you just put a little sauce on the top and sprinkle with a little extra cheese.

Mom, made the sauce tonight?

No, your dad did.

Really? But it’s not sweet…

That’s because your mother says I make it too sweet..

For this kind of dinner, you don’t want it sweet….

Well, that’s not what Nana would say (insert cheesy grin here)

Here you want more noodles?

What kind of noodles are these?

Rotelle, I think that’s how you say it.

The babies sure like them.

Are you guys taking any classes?

I am taking the labor and delivery class, baby 101, the boob class and infant CPR

… Well I signed up for the labor and delivery (hem-hawing about the other stuff)

That’s great the offer infant CPR, I am pretty sure mine were just all lumped into one, you definitely want the hospital tour, though.



Well, they are enjoying dinner!

Do you want some more noodles and chicken?  Becareful its hot!


All right girls, this side cleans up!

Mom “Wow, this is so weird.  But I’ll have to get up to do dessert.”

I can handle getting dessert served you are fine.

Ok, but you have to find the candles.

(Opening a cabinet and rummaging around)

No they are on your right

(I totally look left, to where there are zero cabinets)

No! Your other right.

RIGHT RIGHT! Keep going RIGHT.  Not the corner.

(I am now rummaging around for about three minutes)

Anywhere else they could be?

They should be in a ziploc kind of bag.

Uhhuh, where else?

Hey!  Turn the lights back on!  We haven’t found the candles yet silly girl!

Well, I’ve been looking for like five minutes

I can just have a virtual candle…

I can pull one up on my phone.

See, virtual candle just fine.

I officially give up, they are not in there.

Well, we at least have to sing.

(Kid shuts the lights off again)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you (Dad lights a match as a ‘candle’)  Happy birthday dear Chris, Happy Birthday to you!

(Now in the middle of this I am also trying to move the candle and cake across the table and of course the match blows out resulting in much laughter)


I guess I don’t get a birthday wish.  “No, wish for you!”

Wait! You can’t eat that yet!

Why? It looks amazing.

It hasn’t been turtled yet. Hey, go grab the carmel sauce from over there.

Now it is Turtle Cheesecake.


(I can’t even begin to explain the silence that falls here.  It is the absence of sound that can only come from being in a near food coma from a delicious meal and then being presented with the most decadent of desserts)

See, no one ever is this quite for dinner.  Everyone only comes for dessert.

I told you Dad, its because there is so much more dinner.

Oh, mom’s are always the mean one’s.  You’ll just have to get used to being the bad guy.

We’ll  you’ve met Michael.  He comes from a family of mean Italian women.

Italian women? Mean? Never heard of such a thing (Dad being very sarcastic)

I swear, I am so lucky I married a favorite and she likes me!

Of course, we always joke that because of our families we both have to behave so it works out.

Dinner was amazing, but it is time for me to be heading home.

Me too.  John will be  hungry.

Oh by the way, I wanted to let you know we are totally interested in the beef.  And I just have to tell you that I have had four pot roasts turn out!

This is a big deal for me! It is one of my husbands favorite meals and one I have never been able to make turn out for him.  And since your beef I’ve made four!

That’s awesome!  I should have some ready in March.  I will let you know!

(Some shuffling around while things are getting re-organzied)

So my company is expanding across the country to California.

You have a compnay?

Yeah, it started on the East Coast and when it came to Michigan I jumped on it.  Now it is expanind across the country.

Wow, I did not know that.

You aren’t moving to California right?

No, we like our neighbors too much, have to wait until they move.

We’ve actually talked about that.  What would we do if our neighbors moved?

Talk to the realator, here is the deal, we need two houses right next to eachother.

Well, by the time we move we would need that kind of care anyway.

Napa Valley?  International?

Hey, how do I get in on this international thing, wont you need someone to do the herd management for where ever you are sourcing your food from?

Of course…

Then I could be like on the Perdue chicken commercial?  “Never mind this chicken behind me that has been bred to have a crazy huge breast, it tastes delicious and we feed it things like sage.”


Do we need another bottle of wine?

I really like this one.

Yeah, it wasn’t so good at 10:30 this morning.  Now it’s great.

If we open another bottle, I will be in trouble.

You don’t want Mom to have anymore.

Hi Aunt Royleen!! (she came in late)

How is that cheesecake?

It’s delicious, I start with dessert first because I can.

So the peer pressure is working, my grandson should be coming in the next couple weeks.

They go to school together and are only a year a part.

So you know, cousins have to watch out for each other.

Hey, did you tell Chris how you did at your horse show this weekend?  Got to show of those belts he made?

Oh yeah? Sell a lot of them for me did you?

They went over really well, they worked out perfect…

Yeah… I took a fourth, a first and a third.

Wow, good job!

Ok, we’ll I am losing the little’s quickly here.  I think its time for us to go.

(We leave plus a sippy cup and a giant tupperwear of animal crackers, that she wont let anyone touch or help her carry out the door.)







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