January 17,2017


We had a new visitor at the table tonight, bringing our headcount to 10 adults, 2 tweens and 2 toddlers (yes, the baby has graduated to walking).

For the meal we had Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup,  Roasted Chickens, Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Butternut squash (I am seeing a trend…), Green Beans, and White Bread.  For dessert, in honor of my “sister” in California we had Flan, her favorite dessert!

The evening went a little something like this, but I’ll be honest, it got a bit more wild than I plan on sharing, I’d like to keep this family friendly!


Hi! Come on in, on Tuesdays, you don’t have to knock.

Oh, I see.  I don’t know all the rules yet.

Just a word of caution, anything you say could end up on the internet!

It could?

Yes, she writes a blog about dinner.

I’m pretty sure your wife follows it.

Hey guys!

Are you ready to finally have school this week?

I’m not sure.  I got a  new dog!

You did? That’s great! What kind of dog?

It’s a yellow lab I think.  8 years old.

Your buddy’s here! Go say hi!

(Little girly giggles)

Where’s your husband?

Oh, he is at home, we had a trip to the E.R.

What happened?

He cut his finger on the saw.

Doesn’t he know you don’t count the teeth while it’s spinning?

…No he just tried to stop it…


Is he ok, though?

Yes, just took the pad of his finger off, so he is home recovering.

Well let’s sit down and we can start eating soup.

Wait! Pictures!

Where do I sit?

Anywhere you want, I recommend not by the high chairs unless you are brave.  He’s already put his coat there, so he is stuck.

Awe man!

I think we are a chair short.

He can sit with the kids when he gets here.

There should be enough, there were enough places earlier.  See there are enough plates….

Ah, there is the chair.


Go ahead.

Bless this house, Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day.  Amen

I don’t need that much soup, I am not a soup eater, just enough to dunk my bread in!

Are you still working?

A little bit, kind of day by day at this point.

Does the nature center have a waiting room?

It’s all of outside.

No, they have a little area, by the bees. Right?

Kind of….

How work going?


Where are you at now?

I am a pre-apprentice steel worker, training to be a tin knocker.

Oh, that’s good.

Yeah, I like it.

Know anyone looking for a job? The chemical company is looking for a driver.

They probably need their X endorsement for that right?


Is there more bread?

Yeah, there is some on the counter you just have to cut it.


Do you want to eat some chicken?




You aren’t going to eat?


Ok, did you kids get potatoes?

YES!!! (in surround sound)

I over ordered garden seeds.

Really?! What do you have?

We are getting our seed list together so we can place one big order.

I should have brought my seed list.

She loves this squash.

I couldn’t believe how sweet it is, I tasted it when it was raw and it was sweet, you could put it on a salad.

Where did you get it?

It’s one you brought I think.

One of my lone squashes from the garden?

We haven’t bought any other ones so it has to be.

What kind of butternut is it?

Whatever kind Meijer had seeds for… I have no idea.

I barely used any sugar, just enough to caramelize the bottom, less than half a teaspoon for the whole thing.

It’s my fantastic gardening skills (insert sarcasm).  I only managed to grow like 3 squash out of 10 plants, they kept dying on me.

Are you sure you dont want to eat?

Nooo.  Color.

How about we put you in your seat so Grandma can eat.



The city posted that it is looking for ideas of what people want to see downtown.

They were going to change Ashman to a two-way.

Oh boy, that will kill people.

They are trying to make things “more accessible”.

Well, the needed to start back when they made “The Circle”, and everything one-way.

Some good small restaurants that you can afford would be nice.

Just some events that were a destination to come to would be cool.  We have the Tridge, they could do so many fun festivals themed around that.

Most of what they do though are beer tents… without readily available bathrooms, no one wants that!

Have some more chicken, there is plenty!

Are you done with your plate?

So you make soap?

Yes, I sure do.

How do you do that?

I use a couple different oils and the milk from our cow, and mix it with lye.

With lye? Is that safe to use? Is it laundry soap?

No, its for your skin.  You have to lye to make soap.

But doesn’t it burn?

If it’s raw it sure does.  But it has a chemical reaction called “saponifcation”, where it eats up the fats and becomes soap.

So it’s kind of like being a scientist.

Kind of, a lot of chemistry.

Did you like chemistry in high school?

Actually, I kinda did.

What is dessert? Creme brulee?

No, it is Flan. Our Puerto Rican daughters favorite.

Do you remember her? She Skype’d with us at Christmas?


This is really, really good.

Just make sure there is enough left for Aunt Royleen when she gets here.

Chris! You’re here! You’re late.

I think we have a critter living in our house.  The air vent was normal and then a little while later it was popped up.  I don’t think they do that on their own.

I bet  it was your worms.  How are they?

Getting big! And they are slimy now.

Are you going to get them the worm house with the ramps?

I still want to!

Because “worm are meant to climb up”.


(And this is where things go south, and hot pink jeeps, borrowing yoga pants, bellyrings, on men…)

You aren’t going to put that on Tuesday Table, are you?

No, I want to keep it G-rated and family friendly!!  I might have to think about publishing an adult, uncensored version, though, yeesh!




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