Happy Birthday, Beth!

This week we had a small group, no extra benches parked in the living room for the kids this week!  In fact, the birthday girl didn’t even show up until dessert.  We did have a couple new faces this week, and a few we haven’t seen in a while!

In attendance, we had 1 new baby, 2-almost-one-year-olds, 1 two-year-old, two tweenagers, and 13 adults, so still a pretty big group, but not everyone was there at the same time, some showed up late and others left early.

On the menu was Roast Pork Loin, Mashed Butternut Squash, Mashed Potatoes, Honey Wheat Bread, and Asparagus.  For dessert, there was Strawberry Shortcake with farm fresh whipped cream!

With all of the comings and goings this week I really did not take the time to memorize each conversation.  I was enjoying watching the little ones literally do laps around the kitchen and living room, playing hide and seek with each other.  Listening to my two-year-old call “Where are you?” to her sisters.  Watching the kiddos in high chairs feed the dog as much as themselves and squirm anxiously to be on the floor and into mischief.

With new guests to the house, my Dad got to give his grand tour of the house that my parents have been remodeling the last two years, the tour pinnacles with the water boiling demonstration on the induction stove top.  Which if not impressive, since the tea kettle boils in less than two minutes, is at least short.

Discussions about which wine on the table is quite good and which will never be bought again.  Stories of lack of sleep from tiny night owls, and sales pitches for the latest horse riding fundraiser.  And having to turn the lights out so we could sing Happy Birthday because we were having cake (even though the birthday girl in question was not there yet), and clearly cake calls for candles and singing.

Dutiful Aunts reading the latest story written for criticism and a spoiler alert from someone who already knew how it ended in real life.  Fussy little girls ready for bed and time for pajamas before we head home.  Did you get your homework done? And I love you, have a good night sleep and Grandma’s.


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