100+ Followers!

THANK YOU!!! As of today I now have 105 of you wonderful followers!  I am so glad I am able to share my family and farm’s adventures with you!  I hope you continue to enjoy my stories, recipes, and soaps, and share them with your friends!

Since this is a reason to celebrate I am also going to offer a great special on my soaps!  For the first 5 people who comment their interest (on this post), I will send you a box of 5 large soaps, your choice from available stock for only $15!  Currently, I have Lavander, Rosemary & Lavander, Rose, Earl Grey & Bergamot, Oatmeal &  Honey and Plain available.

8 thoughts on “100+ Followers!

  1. Your wonderful and interesting to follow. Love those soaps! I would love to take you up on your special for 15.00. Great job Emily!


  2. So proud of your accomplishments not just as an entrepreneur, but as a wife and mother. Wishing you continued success. Love reading The Tuesday Table.


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