Happy Birthday…. Dani?

So this week, we were expecting a large crowd, but it ended up being pretty modest, so there was plenty of food to go around!  This was supposed to be the birthday dinner for one of the new mommies, but as luck would have it, things didn’t work out according to plan.

Roll call included 10 adults, one 2-year-old, one 1-year-old and one baby.  Per the birthday girls request we had my Dad’s Chicken Strips, Cheesy Potatoes, Asparagus with Parmesan cheese, and bread.  We also were lucky enough to have some barbecue ribs brought to us via the chef!  And for dessert, Black Forest Cake (two versions the adult made with cherry wine and the child-friendly without).


Mmm, is that chicken strips or did she request a currie?

Chicken strips.


You didn’t need to bring that wine back…

I did so you can compare it to these (sticks out plastic bag full of soap). Smell.  Now, smell the wine.

Hey, that’s pretty good!

What’s that?

Here smell this,


Now smell this…


(And I continue on my forced smell experiment until everyone has smelled the wine soap)

Here ya go, the wine soap you wanted!

Oh, that’s pretty nice, and no oatmeal!

Nope, no oatmeal!

Does anyone want these heirloom tomato seeds?

Nope, we already have ours started.

Do you want them?

Sure, I’ll give them a try, Cherokee Purple? Are they really purple? Because that would be awesome.

Let me look.

The outsides are kind of purplish.

Mostly a deep red color, well, I’ll give them a try.

Where is everyone?

I don’t know, last I knew they all were coming.

Well, dinners ready.

Huh, I really thought they would be here.

Did she forget it was her birthday?

Where did the ribs come from?

They were leftovers, instead of throwing them out, figured we could eat them.

They smell great.

Mama salt. (My two-year-old is obsessed with pouring salt onto everything) More salt.

I think that is enough.

(Phone rings)

—Hey, are you guys ok?  Oh no!  Their basement flooded, that’s why they aren’t here.  Well, I will try and freeze a piece of your cake for you!  Hey, everyone, sing happy birthday! (Holds the phone out)  Happy Birthday to you, (cha cha cha) Happy Birthday to you, (chachacha) Happy birthday dear Dani, Happy birthday to you!  You have a good night!  Happy Birthday and stay dry!—

This bread is really good, do you add sugar to it?


Mom, can you pick up our turkeys if they don’t come tomorrow?  They were supposed to ship yesterday and I haven’t heard anything and if they come Thursday I can’t get them!

Oh, if I have too… yes, we can get the turkeys.

Great, their pen and everything is all ready to go.

So, I learned a new way to cut down trees… (this lead into much discussion about the best ways to cut down a tree, using a jack to cut down trees, standing at a 90′ angle from said tree and so on and so forth)

What kind of shrubbery should I use if I want to hide things? Averviti?

Well, what’s your deer situation like?

(this also leads into lengthy discussion, I should mention in the mix there is are two landscapers, former tree cutter,  horticulturists and I apologize if I got someone’s title incorrect but you get the idea… proper shrubbery matters at this meal)

Everyone ready for cake?

Two cakes?!?

One is kid friendly and the other one is for grown-ups.

OOO did you use the wine?

I did.

Here I can hold the baby.

You don’t have to…

I’m not going to eat cake, I don’t do cherries.

Oh ok.


You want to watch Moana?


Maybe they will sleep… that would be awesome, the 1-3 A.M. awake time is killing me.

We almost rented that one.

I really liked it.

They like “The Rock” singing the “Thank you” song.

Which character is he? The crab?

No, Maui, one of the main characters.

I can’t stand the chicken.

The chicken is Hei-hei, the one we were calling you last week.


You can borrow it anytime you want.

You know, that one of the nice things about little kids being around, you can watch these movies and not feel silly sitting there watching it.

We call that one Lucky, like on 101 Dalmations because she just sits there and stares at the TV when it’s on.

Don’t forget the farmer dinner is tomorrow night!

What time again?


Oh, shoot I can’t go, I have a hockey game.

That’s ok, not like I’m cooking.

Where is it? Do I need anything special to get in?

No, I don’t think you do.  He can stay home with the kids and just you and I can go.


What’s the dress code?

Umm, not naked?

(Eye roll) Like jeans?

Yes, just jeans and a shirt.  It’s casual.


And this is where my brain shut off… it has been a busy week and I took too long to get here to write it all down!  But here are some lovely pictures to remember the meal by!


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