Where does the time go?

Have you ever noticed when you are expecting big changes, but not sure exactly how they will come into fruition that life takes on a holding pattern?  The term holding pattern seems to invoke thoughts of dullness and inactivity but I feel just the opposite.

I am a planner.  The further out I can plan something the happier I am.  Waiting on the unexpected or even the expected frustrates me, and since I am not sure exactly what to expect I plan for EVERYTHING!  Are we expanding the farm? Well, we should build new pastures and temporary housing here.  Thinking a CSA might be the right choice for the farm? Quadruple the garden so we can practice growing and producing this year.   New job? Maybe I should hire help, or take that massive garden and can and freeze produce like a doomsday prepper, just in case.  Prospectively marketing my soap to a rather large regional company, I think I need a bottle of wine….

My point to this ramble? Holding patterns can be frustrating because you feel like you are treading water.  I feel like I am moving at the speed of light, but everything is as it was.  Embracing change is easier than embracing the waiting.

Not to mention I am also in the season of life where my littles are demanding my time and attention (one likes to go to bed at 11 PM and the other likes to wake up at 5 AM, need I say more?)  And my oldest is involved with school and after school activities.

All of these things combined together make for a turbulent holding pattern!  I have been so hectic I have not even written about our last two dinners, which is a shame because we have had some amazing people sitting around the table!  Our dear friends (my Puerto Rican “sister” and her significant other) and one of our regulars mother (who was a pleasure to meet!).  Time has slipped away from me and I have forgotten to write down the details and what I have left are little memories of my oldest saying OCHO! with dramatic hand gestures, pillow hats, and dancing.  And conversations about hot pizza cheese burning the roof of your mouth, a class for kids where they can disassemble toys without consequence and mom wearing white gloves to dinner because she got into an altercation with a poisonous plant.  All of these things giving the illusion that I have an excellent memory for being able to recall these moments.  Personally, I think it is the people that make them so recallable.


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