Homesteading Cake

I made this cake tonight and I call it “I thought homesteading was a great idea and now what do I do with all of it” cake.  I am surrounded by milk and have made it my mission the last couple days to use up as much as I possibly can.

Actually, this cake is called a Hot Milk Cake and I found the recipe at Counter Dog while Googling “cakes that use alot of milk”.  The story along with it about her Grandmother is lovely as well!

I made a modification to the cream filling since I had an overload of milk and not eggs I reduced the egg yolks to 2 (instead of 8) and the salt to 1/2 tsp.  I also added the Raspberry coulis, from last year’s raspberry crop.


I will post the recipe here soon, but in the meantime, the story that I mentioned above is really worth the read (perfect pass time for stirring the pudding!)

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