We finally had some beautiful weather this week!  So dinner was served outside on my parents three tier porch.  It couldn’t have been a more beautiful setting to have a big gathering for dinner.  And as is customary for the first weather that is worthy of a picnic, my parents made BBQ Ribs and Potato Salad.  There was also coleslaw, corn, fruited jello, raisin bread and white bread.  For dessert, there were two cheesecakes, one made with homemade cream cheese from out dairy cow!

At this picnic there were;  11 adults, 1 tween, 1 two-year-old,  1 toddler, 2 babies, 1 dog and 2 cats (the neighbors’ kids came to visit).

Do you want me to sit over there so you can put your girl here?

No, no you can sit by your wife!  She will fit in this corner just fine.  I don’t think the other is going to sit very long either.

Here’s the high chair.

Baby coming through! (It took a little arranging to get all the kids situated so they were safe from the stairs)

When you say prayers, say an extra one for Grandpa.

Bless this house Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day, Amen.  And please bless Great Grandpa so he feels better both day and night.  Amen.

Very nice, thank you.

Very sweet!

Pardon my reach, it’s a little awkward with a whiny girl on your lap.

Don’t worry about it.

Do you want some jello, honey?  Hold on! I’m getting you food too!

Is that raisin bread? Make sure you get a piece of that!

Who wants coleslaw?

Thank you!
Hmm, we’ll just set that bread basket here.

In another week or two, you won’t get away with that! (As the baby is eyeballing the basket of bread sitting on the highchair tray juuuust out of reach)

Did you tell everyone how your concert went?

It went really good!

NOOOO! Don’t put that back in the Jello!!!

Here, I’ll just take that… (goes to put the spoon back in the bowl)

NOOOOOO!!!! Boogers here licked that.  The Jello might be questionable at this table guys, I don’t think she got the spoon back in there but I am not certain.

Ah, well, let’s just set that over here then…

Pardon my reach now.

Are there any little pieces of ribs left?

There’s a little chunk of meat.

And at this point both of my girls have decided they are done and are running wild up and down the stairs and out around the yard….

Wow, that girl has a good arm! (Referring to the softball game that is being played in the park across the yard).

Did she make it?

And some other baseball chatter.

Look at the new swing!  It’s a horse!

Ride!  Whee!

My husband and the neighbor go for a walk to look at a yard project that needs to be done.

I liked the red pepper in the potato salad dad, that was really good.

The cat comes over for a visit, and my children maul it.

He did really well letting her hug all over him.

That one’s not bad, the other one isn’t quite so friendly.

I have to tell you, I have a problem with your worm farm.


So, I was digging in the garden to plant my new blueberry bushes and cut a worm.  I felt horrible thinking about your worms.


I know!

Don’t worry, I couldn’t kill a wasp the other day.  It was huge and I was afraid if I hit it and didn’t kill it would get mad and attack me.  So I went and got the left over wasp spray, and I hit it, but it didn’t kill it or do anything so I tried again, and then it moved to the edge of the window, so I just kinda shooed it out.  I felt good about not killing it for a minute and was like great, it’s probably going to plan revenge now.

Do different kinds of worms make different kinds of soil? Like, are night crawlers different than regular earthworms?

I don’t know, mine are little red ones that can’t live below 40′, so they wouldn’t live in our soil I guess.

Can you go swing with your sister for a little bit?


Of course like any picnic, there is lots of movement and flow, both of conversation and people.   And then dessert is brought out.

Ok, everyone, there are two different cheesecakes!  One is made with homemade cream cheese and the other is regular.

I can tell which is which already (frowning).

Oh, maybe not I could have over mixed one.

Mmm, these look good!

Here, take these down there and set them out for everyone.

Do you want strawberries?

So one of these is made with the homemade cream cheese?  Sorry, I can tell which is which.

Yeah, it sill tastes pretty good though.

I think there are a couple things, I left it out to soften which I think was a mistake for your cheese.  And maybe you need to drain it longer next time?

I think so, I can do that.  But I have also noticed my stuff has a different melting point, even the butter is different, I am not sure exactly why.

We tried the duck eggs the other day.

Oh yeah? How did you like those?

They were pretty good.  We still have to try them by themselves, but so far we like them.

Want a goose egg?

The same goose egg that’s been in your fridge for months now?


No thanks.

What is a goose egg like anyway?

Somewhere between a duck and chicken egg, but bigger.  Not quite as rich as a duck egg.

Again everyone starts to wander about here and there, picking up some dishes, having another glass of wine, play catch with the kids.  Grandma pulls out some fudge sickles and the littles require a bath before they can get in the car.  The oldest is tortured because she has homework that needs to be done (NOW!) and the babies enjoy the warm air on their naked legs.  Overall just a very pleasant time with wonderful people.



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