Cheesesteak Baked Potato

I have mentioned in other posts that Fridays are not my day, and we usually end up having some variety of pancakes for dinner.  My other go to for those “I don’t wanna cook” meals are baked potatoes.  They are cheap, quick (in the microwave) and delicious.  I love potatoes!

It is pretty simple to doll a baked potato up to make it a full meal as well!  I was craving a cheesesteak sandwich but didn’t have any bread, and no french fries (nor did I want the hassle of deep frying anything).  Baked potato to the rescue!  The peppers were added

The peppers were added primarily because I wanted to feel like we were eating vegetables…

While my potatoes were cooking away in the microwave I made the topping.


Cheesesteak Baked Potato Recipe

2 large russet (or your favorite baking potato)

1/2-3/4 pound cooked steak, thinly sliced (I simply seasoned a top sirloin with salt, pepper, and garlic and cooked it to my liking of medium, and allowed it to rest for about 10 minutes before slicing)

1/2 sweet onion thinly sliced

1/2 small green bell pepper thinly sliced

2 Tbsp butter

1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

2 Tbsp heavy cream

salt and pepper

While the potatoes are baking (mine took about 12 minutes in the microwave, they take about an hour in a 375’F oven to become fork tender), melt the butter in a frying pan over medium heat.  Add the onions and peppers to the butter and lightly season with salt and pepper.  Stir frequently until tender, being careful not to fry them. Reduce the heat to low and add the cheese.  Stirring constantly add the heavy cream until a sauce-like consistency is reached.  Remove from the heat and add the sliced steak.

Split open the baked potato lengthwise and lightly season with salt, pepper (and a little extra butter wouldn’t hurt!)  Top each potato with half of the mixture.



If you are looking for more fabulous Friday meals and treats check out Fiesta Friday!  I love seeing what everyone has been cooking this week!


Happy Birthday John!

I have to say, this was a really fun dinner, even though I was rather late arriving because I had some turkey business to attend to.  I had however dropped my girls off before hand so they would be there for dinner.

Much to my shock, there was Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner, which I am almost thinking my brother-in-law chose just so I would have something to write about.  He ALWAYS chooses lasagna when given the opportunity.  There was also a salad with a homemade berry dressing, Italian sausage, asparagus and sesame bread.  For dessert he did choose as I expected, Banana Cream Pie (all the guys seem to be in love with this pie).

When I arrived everyone was pretty much done eating and there were; 2 babies, 1 toddler one 2.5 year -old (who apparently had fallen asleep in her food and was tucked away in bed), 1 tweenager and 14 adults (yay! a full house again!)

Recently our city flooded and declared a state of emergency, so there, of course, was a lot of talk about who experience what, and fortunately, none of us were majorly affected.  Just some minor water the in the basement, flooded garden sort of situations.  Many of us knew people however that had lost a lot of their possessions.

We talked a lot about future craft shows and looked through some of the very cool StickmanLeatherWorks that the neighbors brought over. My daughter announced she wanted to start decorating the Ukranian eggs again.

The little girls were all in a babbling mood and cheerful baby words and giggles were easy to hear.

We talked about the library’s summer reading program and getting all the kids signed up and excited.

And then…

The fans came out.  Just before dessert and just after a few glasses of wine.  Now, these fans are like the fancy lace fans you think of at social balls and what not.  The fans in question well lovely to look at came from the dollar store.  Initially purchased to entertain the little girls at horse shows and help keep them cool.

Now, however, we were in stitches learning proper fan “lingo” and etiquette.  Nothing like a tall guy waving around a pretty blue and gold lace fan you know.  While you might think this entertainment would quickly pass, it actually lasted like two hours… well past dessert and until my toddlers were ready to go home.

But before we could leave, we had to learn some new yoga stretches for my oldest daughter to help strengthen her legs for horse riding…. I think most of us pulled a muscle just watching her.


Last night I contemplated posting a funny meme like this about all the rain we’ve been getting here.  Its been days of constant rain, with little hope for a break.


Then about midnight, my phone went off with an emergency flash flood warning.  We are fortunately not in the flash flood area of our city, but we are low enough that such an alert makes us stop and check everything because we can go under quickly.

This morning I went out to see what had happened overnight because it indeed POURED all night and is continuing to rain steadily.  Since yesterday we have received over 4.59 inches of rain!

The little bridge that leads to the barn with the sheep was floating over the drainage river our pond has flooded into.  In many areas, the water is knee deep.  While all the animals have high ground for the moment, there is a very real possibility they will need to be relocated tonight.  We are lucky we are small enough to do this, I know for many larger farms there are staring down the face of a monstrous task.

Our garden is almost completely washed out and the bean field next to us is all but lost.  If you know a farmer in Michigan (and many other areas I’m sure) chances are they need, a hand, a hug, a meal or a drink today.  Their futures might be looking very washed away at the moment.


I’d love to say that I remember a lot of this week’s conversations, and I know the moment I hit publish and try to do something else a million words will fill my head with the things that were said.  It always seems to happen that way, doesn’t it?  At 4 AM I know my brain will find it critically important to remember the witty joke that was said or an important part of the conversation regarding the politics of the public school systems.

I can tell you that we had a pretty full table this week, and with a slight break in the rain, the kids were dying to get outside and play.  This week we had the 3 tweenagers, 2-two-year-olds, 1 one-year-old and one baby.  Keeping them from running off or burning the house down were 10 adults.

On the menu was Whole Roasted Chickens, White Rice with Leeks, Peas, Bread and Cucumber and Onions ( This is a dish my parents have made for years, which is essentially thinly sliced cucumbers and onions in a sour cream type sauce).  There was also Bacon Cornbread (the star of the meal as far as I was concerned).  And for dessert, my Mom’s should be famous, Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake.  I’m not sure I ever mentioned her bakery Fat Gander Baked Goods, but her coffee cakes were always a huge hit, and should you ever taste one you would know why!

It was one of the boy’s turns to say grace tonight, and no “Grace” was not permitted.  After a little coaxing, he kept it short and sweet but did a good job.

No, I don’t think you can just take a bulldozer for a joy ride.  How was Cedar Point?  Can we get that next week instead?

We had lots of conversation about summer reading programs, good and not so good things about different school systems and their programs.

We discussed the different types of pasteurization of milk and how long milk lasts in the various methods (and the fact that obviously some of us had to survive raw milk throughout history)

I’m not sure any of the kids actually ate dinner, merely inhaling enough food to say “done” and race outside to play.

My little girl standing at the slider door pounding on it “HELP ME!!!” (She wanted to big kids to take her outside)

The time I raced a quad across our field and became semi-air born and was rescued by a tree came up, although I am not entirely sure how.  But for some reason, it seemed to be critical information how a 10 (ish) year old girl came to be flying across a hay field at around 60 miles an hour, maybe a 1/8th of a mile before the super deep ditch.  I WAS wearing a helmet, the tree DID save me, and when you only weigh like 75 pounds and have it wide open those machines can really move!  My cousin and I used to have a lot of fun with such adventures.  Almost as much fun as my friend from high school and I had!

And of course, we talked about the Bacon Cornbread!  The best way to accomplish this dish is by frying the bacon in the cast iron you plan to bake it in, letting all the bacon grease just do its thing.  Add some good fresh sweet corn into the batter and you have a winner!

Peek-a-boo with a napkin is always a favorite with my littles, who love their Tuesday family.  And some mild drama when the bigger kids didn’t want to play with the little girls.

I will say it was a pretty early evening, everyone still settling into the summer routine, and tired from the new adventures that school being out brings.

Thanks for dinner.  Don’t forget your milk!  See you next week!  Don’t forget to read, it counts for Mom’s too! The soap dishes are amazing, try this one out! Too bad he isn’t here.  Thanks again, and see you soon.


Another beautiful day, inspiring dinner out on the deck again this week.  While this is a very romantic notion, it also poses to be challenging since my littles become virtually feral when let outdoors.

Ok, so maybe not feral in the biting and clawing sense, but they spent the majority of their time underneath the porch digging in the sand and pulling up some newly planted foliage.  Alternately, they spent their time playing on the swing set and climbing (almost successfully we had a couple minor spills) up and down the stairs 800 times. I am not entirely sure that they ate more than two or three bites each.

Which was their loss since the rest of us, 9 adults, 1 tween enjoyed Grilled Pork Picnic Roast, Sour Cream Scalloped Potatoes with Chives, Fresh Fruit Salad,  Asparagus and Maple Bread.  In all fairness, the babies did not get to eat this dinner, but they enjoyed watching everyone eat in their swings.

How did the art show go?

It went alright, the big things didn’t sell much, but we had a lot of good comments.  If we would have had more bracelets we could have sold a ton of those.

Well that’s good I guess.  I know when I’ve gone to those types of things I have always wondered how on earth people got some of it home.

I have an interesting story for you to cover.

What’s that.

The shortage of veterinarians in this area.  I don’t know if it’s a national or even a total state issue, but around this area it is a big problem!

It would be interesting, considering the shortage of medical doctors also, we don’t always think about our furry friends doctors.  It’s actually a STEM shortage in general too I think.

I think it could just be any labor in general, skilled trades, STEM, just a lack of skilled workers, and a lot of business majors.

Hey! I recognize that dress! I recognize that one too!

The circle of clothing!  I have some shoes for you, they will be a little while before they are into them.  But they grow!  I will have a ton of stuff for you guys again too.

Where are you sitting?

Sit here!

I guess I am not sitting there.

I have the girls down there…

Can we move a booster down there?

Wheres the swing?

Where are you going? It’s time to eat!

You better just say prayers.

Bless this house, Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day Amen!

Do you want some fruit?

No that’s my…. never mind, I’ll eat pre-chewed food tonight I guess.

You have a strawberry!  Fine, go play.

Check out this beautiful new serving bowl (says Mom passing the asparagus)

I didn’t even notice, I’m such a bad son.

I guess so!

(presumably the bowl in question was a gift from the art fair, but I’m not positive)

So, 20,000 bees?  That’s crazy!

I know!  It was nuts but so cool!

So that makes what bee ball number three? Four?

Something like that, I know there have been a few.  I’ll tell you what though, that girl was fearless!

I’m sure she was excited.  Was that a full hive for her?

Almost I think, she said at their peak her hives hold around 90,000.  My favorite part though is the gorgeous honey she gave me!

Do you think this fruit salad would keep?

We usually will eat it for like breakfast the next day, but it doesn’t keep much longer after that.  I supposed you could drain it somehow and it might keep longer.

It would be nice to just have in the house. Do you have to add the sugar?

It’s not a lot of sugar, some of the fruits just get a little tart…

And it really helps to bring out the flavors.

Sometimes, I add a little lemon juice to mine, keeps it pretty a little longer.

The pineapple is really good.

We’ve had good luck with pineapple lately, oranges not so much.

Me either, I quit buying them this year, I kept throwing so many out or the rotted before I got to them because they were so bad.

I heard this year was a bad year for oranges in Florida.

Do you want to go inside for dessert?


It’s starting to get a little chilly.

No! We’ve been inside all winter…

Ok, it’s just cooling off.

I mean look at her, she’s all wrapped up in her shawl thingy.

I’m surprised she didn’t grab her hat and gloves on the way over.

It IS cooler than it was earlier…

Go help Grandma clean up the dishes.

So what is for dessert?

Bear Claw Pie.

Say no more.  Dinner is over, if you see us running across the yard with the pie…

I’ll be throwing stones at you to get it back.

It’s not frozen, Dad doesn’t like it as much that way.

I think we’ll be ok.

Hey!  I have a project for you.  It’s small.

They all start that way…

I want you to make me a wooden soap dish, so my bars of soap can drain and dry.

I’ve actually been thinking about making one anyway.

Perfect.  And when they go over huge we can retire!


(And about this time tumble number one happens)

She’s OK, she just kind of rolled off the bottom step but she bumped her head.

Do you need ice?

Yeah, probably should so she can fight me and we can all feel better (and that is basically what happened)

Where is your mom tonight?

She just needed a little break.  Some personal time.

Fair enough.

At this point after inhaling my delicious pie, my kids were running amok and I lost the conversation.  In fact they were so filthy I had to give them a bath before loading them into the car to take them home.


Late Sunday evening my husband and I had finished a fencing project to restore a pasture that had been unusable for the last couple years.  Lucy and the donkeys were excited to be in the middle of lush grass and quickly got to work on it.  I made sure they could see where the gate was so they could get back up to the barn in the night when they were ready to come in.

In the morning I was rather concerned to see that they had not come in for the night and were in fact almost cowering in a corner behind some brush.  I went out to see what on earth was going on and quickly noticed hundreds of bees buzzing around my head, and luckily looked down before I stepped on the swarm.

I have experienced honey bees swarming or bee balls before and know that they typically move on rather quickly and to just steer clear until they do.  These guys however picked the WORST spot imaginable to me, by blocking my brand new gate.  I am fairly certian they hadn’t been there when we finished the fence, because I literally would have had to step over them in order to open the gate from the inside like I did.

It was really odd to see them swarming on the ground though, but they weren’t aggressive and I was positive they were honey bees, so I contacted a friend who is a new bee keeper, who put me in touch with an experienced bee keeper.  She was also surprised that the bees were on the ground, but it appeared that there was a hole in the ground they could have decided to make a home.

Bees swarm for two main reasons.  One, their hive has been destroyed or two, their hive has gotten very large and a new queen hatched.  One of the queens leaves the hive taking part of the colony with her.

Since the bee keeper was unable to get to my house for a few hours she instructed me to place a cardboard box over the swarm to help keep them in the spot and hopefully pull them out of the ground.


I used all my courage throwing this box over the bees and quickly retreated to take this picture.  I had even called my Mom to stand by her phone in case I was attacked.  But, I had nothing to fear after all.

Now surrounding this, we were also trying to get our hay up out of the field, I have experienced a lot of weather and mechanical related issues that delayed haying, but this was a first for me!  Luckily these little guys were not in a location that affected us, other than the fact I was running around looking for boxes and taking pictures!

A few hours later my heroic bee keeper arrived to see what was going on and to capture the bees.  This woman is fearless in my book!  She just strolled up to those bees and started checking things out!  She and I both did wear the snazzy hats though!

The cardboard box worked really well and had collected the majority of the bees that had been previously on the ground.  It appeared that they had initially balled up on a very very small bush/tree that had either collapsed under their weight or had been stepped on by the horse.

Next the bee keeper literally banged the bees into the hive that she brought, just picked up the box and knocked them into the hive!  I was still backing up, but trying to stay close enough to get pictures!


Fearlessly re-homing the bees.

Since it was the middle of the afternoon there were likely a lot of worker bees that were out foraging.  The hive was also very active, especially since they had just been stirred up.  The bee keeper told me that she would come back late in the evening when most of the workers should be back and things have quieted down.

It had, and there were still a few bees that hadn’t moved into the box, but it appeared that we had gotten the queen moved inside because the workers were definitely going into the hive with purpose, where as the ones that were remaining in the box were just kind of there.

She decided that enough of the bees had made it into the hive, and realistically knew we would not be able to get them all, but estimated we had captured roughly 20,000 bees to re-home!  We left the card board box overnight just in case we were missing more of the swarm than initially thought.  She stuffed a towel in the opening of the hive and took them off to their new home!

It was very interesting experience and I learned a lot!  One of the neatest things was seeing the new honey combs they were starting to build.  Did you know bees wax when it is brand new is white?



Bees wax when it is first made is white!  This swarm was trying to set up shop on this tiny branch


The best part (next to rescuing the bees) was being rewarded with some gorgeous local honey!


I strongly encourage you to contact a bee keeper should you ever find yourself in a similar situation.  Honey bees are not aggressive, and do the world such a large service.  Not only are we able to harvest delicious honey to eat, but they are also responsible for the pollination the occurs that makes the rest of our food possible!  Honey bees are in extreme danger of becoming extinct, which would put the world in jeopardy.  Bee keepers,  honey farmers, hivers, apiarists,  whatever you like to call them, are all more than willing to come rescue you from a stray swarm of bees!


Post Script:  When I checked on the box this morning there were only a few more bees than were left from the night before.  Unfortunately these bees will not survive long without their queen, but there are not enough to risk moving a queen and her hive and having them swarm again.

Buckle up Buttercup!

If you follow agriculture at all, especially local farm blogs (Hi Michigan Farm Girl!) you know that the time between the start of spring and the heat of summer is go time for farmers of all sizes.  From small homestead type farms like us to large family farms, all the way up to big time harvesters, everyone right now is scrambling in one way or another.

I have read about farmers cussing at trying to get their hay balers unhitched (the struggle is real), trying to get the hay in before the rain, husbands are gone for seemingly days at a time getting crops in, and babies crying in the barn.  Currently, our hay mower is in pieces and my husband is spending another long night repairing broken parts on the old girl.

With such a short working season, there is a lot to be done.  Anything that involves counting on mother nature here is not for the faint of heart.  There are a lot of long hours to be put in (so I guess it’s handy that the sun is visible from about 5 AM to 11 PM where I am at, even if the kiddos use it as a scapegoat from bedtime), and a lot of projects to get scratched off.

The bonus to these long days being at home with the kids, is they really get a chance to fully experience the farm.  My two-year-old is already trying to help milk the cow (she is the official fly shoo-er while I milk) and the one-year-old enjoys taking in all the sights and sampling all the dirt areas for the best texture… But they love saying ” Hi” to all the animals.

The other thing that happens to many young farmers this time of year, sports start.  I am not immune to this, my oldest daughter has been rather successful in showing in the Hunter ring with horses the last few years.  While the Olympics are many years away for her, she has them in her crosshairs (can you hear my wallet weeping?)

And what is the point of blogging if I don’t get to brag about my kiddos every once in a while?  But balancing everything is difficult, my husband doesn’t do the milking so I have to be home morning and night to do it, now that the calf is weaned off.  I know dairies that have multiple cows and are milking for their income have this struggle year-round.  It’s hard to find a farm sitter, even harder to find one that will milk a cow!

This time of year brings a lot of half-dones and hurry-ups, it brings a lot of exhaustion and frustration until everyone settles into a new routine, or crops are settled in to do their thing until harvest time.  It brings a lot of speculation, anticipation, promise, hope, and fear.  When everything you hold dear depends on the next few months to last the rest of the year there is a lot of emotion. But I think, for farm families, hope is the strongest one because without it there would be no way we could continue year after year.


Happy Birthday Linda!

Who doesn’t love a birthday?  We are lucky enough to celebrate MANY birthdays throughout the year with all of our extended family (even if it takes me forever to write about it!)  It is particularly awesome when those choosing their birthday dinners pick some of my favorites!

I think it is safe to say Lasagna is becoming a birthday favorite, and not a person is complaining, in fact, I think if my parents advertised they were serving lasagna for dinner they would have to open up their basement and start charging admission.  It’s just that good.

In addition to the Lasagna, we also had Italian Sausage, Sauteed Cauliflower, and Broccoli with Sweet Peppers and Roasted Garlic Bread.  Dessert, and oldie but a goodie, Chocolate Cake.

Again, awesome picks!

For the birthday dinner, there were 11 adults, 3tweens, 2 two-year-olds, 1 toddler and 2 babies.

Since we have quite a few older kids it was decided that they should all take turns saying the blessing rather than my daughter doing it every time.  We even have a prayer cube in case they need a little help.

One of the boys said prayers tonight, “Thank you God for the food and friends. Amen.”


Do you want some noodles? Hold on! I’ll get you some food too!

Wasn’t there a bowl of sausage?

Oh, oops! Yes, just a second!


I thought I saw the sausages there!

Can you pass the bread, please?

And the butter when you get the chance!

Did you see the peach wine?


How was your massage?


I went to go pick her up from riding but she was already gone.  The horse lady said your mom has just picked her up.

And she didn’t call you?! I’m sorry! Thanks for the attempt though I really appreciate it!
No problem, it was a whole mile out of the way.

Still, thank you.

Oh, he’s going for another piece.

It’s just so good!

Here go see your aunt.

Well hello, baby!  I get a smile too? Big girl!

(baby kicks and squirms)

You want to go play with the big kids, don’t you?

Did you hear what she did?


She rolled over while you sister was at work for the first time! Dad got to see it!

Haha! Paybacks for waiting on the oatmeal huh?

I guess so, stinker.

Uhh, I don’t know if I can finish this piece, my eyes say Yes! My stomach says maybe not.

Take all that you want, but eat all that you take!

You don’t need to help clean up, it’s your birthday!

Well, I am on this side of the table! (The side sitting closest to the kitchen gets to clear the table).

Can I get a to-go box?

Hey! I got a video of you riding Chaps at your lesson.  Great job!

How did your show go?

Good! I took TWO reserve championships.  One for walk/trot and one for poles.

Good job!

So guys, what kind of bread was it tonight?

Uhhh, potato?

No, Roasted Garlic.

I ate it so fast, I have no idea.

I only got one piece, I;m so bummed that’s one of my favorites and I didn’t even notice!

I might have noticed if I didn’t run it through the sauce…

The first hunger bites don’t count, right?


Ready for cake? (Kids stampede through the house turning out lights and my two-year-old as always gets super excited with an ear to ear grin ready to sing Happy Happy)

Are you ready to sing?


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Linda (Mom), Happy Birthday to you!


This isn’t Mom’s usual chocolate cake… somethings different. She must have used cocoa powder.

(The older kids have already inhaled their cake and have stampeded outside to play)

What did you do differently with your cake?


You didn’t use cocoa powder? Why is it so fluffy?

I don’t know the sour cream coffee cake was way too fluffy also,

I noticed as I dropped half of my piece trying to eat it…

I think the flour is weird.

Did they accidentally give you self-rising flour?

I don’t know, it’s not the usual brand we buy, I can’t wait till its gone.

Well, it still tastes good.

It does, but it’s not my cake.

Well, we are going to head out, cranky baby.

(A friend fo mine pops by)

Wheres your niece?

They just left a few minutes ago.

Darn! I always miss that baby! But this one is awful cute! Those cheeks are killing me!

I know, they always get me too!

We’re going to head out too.  Beef next week, right?

Whenever you’re ready!

Hey, I brought your jars back, even dumped the homemade hooch out just for you.

Haha! Thanks.  That’s just a nasty thought, bathtub hooch.

Well, I learned to make it in prison….

Like the purple rain, in the bathtub? No thanks! Been there done that have the t-shirt!

Is she spending the night?

I think so…. Go get your back pack if you’re staying!

Don’t forget to take your tomato plants!


Homestead Cake Recipe

A while ago I had posted about a new recipe I tried in an attempt to use up some of my surplus milk.  It was a huge success with my family (especially my husband who ate two huge pieces the night I made it!)

I really like this cake in the fact that it provides the opportunity to use an abundance of things you might have on a family farm, eggs, milk, berries or other fruit.  It is also pretty darn simple to make.  Although the original recipe I followed called for using 8 egg yolks in the cream filling, I used less since I don’t have an abundance of eggs at the moment.  I successfully used 2 yolks the first time I made this cake and 4 yolks the second.  My primary reasoning for increasing the eggs in my second batch is that outside of an egg white omelet (which are not popular in my house) I really don’t have any use for two egg whites.  However, by increasing it to four eggs, I know have enough to make a small angel food cake… always thinking.



Reserve eggwhites for angel food cake



Homestead Cake (Hot Milk Cake)

4 eggs

2 cups sugar

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp Vanilla extract

2Tbsp butter

1 c. milk

2 cups flour

2 tsp baking powder

Preheat oven to 350’F.  Grease and flour two 9 inch round cake pans.

Sift together the flour and baking powder, (I used a sheet of waxed paper to make for easy pouring) set aside.

In a sauce pan melt the butter in the milk and heat until milk is almost boiling.

In a large mixer bowl beat the eggs until very light and foamy.  Add the sugar, salt, and vanilla.

Add the hot milk immediately to the egg mixture, with the beater running.  Then quickly, with the beater running at low speed add the flour in gradually.  As soon as the flour is incorporated pour the batter into the prepared pans and place in the oven.

Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.  Remove from oven and cool on a rack for at least 10 minutes.  Run a knife around the edges to loosen the cake and invert onto a rack and allow to fully cool.

While the cake is baking you can start the cream filling.

Vanilla Cream Filling

1/2 c. sugar

2Tbsp corn starch

1/2 tsp salt (original recipe called for 1 tsp, but I found this slightly too salty)

2 cups whole milk or cream (or combination)

2-8 egg yolks (I used 4), lightly beaten

1 Tbsp vanilla

In a pot (I use the same one I warmed my milk in for the cake) mix together the cornstarch, sugar, salt and milk/cream.  Stir constantly over medium heat until mixture starts to thicken.  Briskly whisk a small amount at a time into the eggs to keep them from scrambling (about 1/4- 1/2 cup SLOWLY).  Add the warmed eggs into the pot stirring constantly until thick and just bubbling (about 2 minutes).  Remove from heat and add vanilla.  Allow to cool before filling the cake.

To assemble the cake place on round on the serving platter of your choice.  Spread the cream over the center of the cake, only spreading a thin coat to the edges, when you put the second layer on the filling will push to the outside.  Chill until ready to serve and top with powdered sugar, or fruit of your choice!


Looking for other awesome weekend ideas?  Check of!  The wonderful hosts will make sure you find something inspiring!