Another beautiful day, inspiring dinner out on the deck again this week.  While this is a very romantic notion, it also poses to be challenging since my littles become virtually feral when let outdoors.

Ok, so maybe not feral in the biting and clawing sense, but they spent the majority of their time underneath the porch digging in the sand and pulling up some newly planted foliage.  Alternately, they spent their time playing on the swing set and climbing (almost successfully we had a couple minor spills) up and down the stairs 800 times. I am not entirely sure that they ate more than two or three bites each.

Which was their loss since the rest of us, 9 adults, 1 tween enjoyed Grilled Pork Picnic Roast, Sour Cream Scalloped Potatoes with Chives, Fresh Fruit Salad,  Asparagus and Maple Bread.  In all fairness, the babies did not get to eat this dinner, but they enjoyed watching everyone eat in their swings.

How did the art show go?

It went alright, the big things didn’t sell much, but we had a lot of good comments.  If we would have had more bracelets we could have sold a ton of those.

Well that’s good I guess.  I know when I’ve gone to those types of things I have always wondered how on earth people got some of it home.

I have an interesting story for you to cover.

What’s that.

The shortage of veterinarians in this area.  I don’t know if it’s a national or even a total state issue, but around this area it is a big problem!

It would be interesting, considering the shortage of medical doctors also, we don’t always think about our furry friends doctors.  It’s actually a STEM shortage in general too I think.

I think it could just be any labor in general, skilled trades, STEM, just a lack of skilled workers, and a lot of business majors.

Hey! I recognize that dress! I recognize that one too!

The circle of clothing!  I have some shoes for you, they will be a little while before they are into them.  But they grow!  I will have a ton of stuff for you guys again too.

Where are you sitting?

Sit here!

I guess I am not sitting there.

I have the girls down there…

Can we move a booster down there?

Wheres the swing?

Where are you going? It’s time to eat!

You better just say prayers.

Bless this house, Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day Amen!

Do you want some fruit?

No that’s my…. never mind, I’ll eat pre-chewed food tonight I guess.

You have a strawberry!  Fine, go play.

Check out this beautiful new serving bowl (says Mom passing the asparagus)

I didn’t even notice, I’m such a bad son.

I guess so!

(presumably the bowl in question was a gift from the art fair, but I’m not positive)

So, 20,000 bees?  That’s crazy!

I know!  It was nuts but so cool!

So that makes what bee ball number three? Four?

Something like that, I know there have been a few.  I’ll tell you what though, that girl was fearless!

I’m sure she was excited.  Was that a full hive for her?

Almost I think, she said at their peak her hives hold around 90,000.  My favorite part though is the gorgeous honey she gave me!

Do you think this fruit salad would keep?

We usually will eat it for like breakfast the next day, but it doesn’t keep much longer after that.  I supposed you could drain it somehow and it might keep longer.

It would be nice to just have in the house. Do you have to add the sugar?

It’s not a lot of sugar, some of the fruits just get a little tart…

And it really helps to bring out the flavors.

Sometimes, I add a little lemon juice to mine, keeps it pretty a little longer.

The pineapple is really good.

We’ve had good luck with pineapple lately, oranges not so much.

Me either, I quit buying them this year, I kept throwing so many out or the rotted before I got to them because they were so bad.

I heard this year was a bad year for oranges in Florida.

Do you want to go inside for dessert?


It’s starting to get a little chilly.

No! We’ve been inside all winter…

Ok, it’s just cooling off.

I mean look at her, she’s all wrapped up in her shawl thingy.

I’m surprised she didn’t grab her hat and gloves on the way over.

It IS cooler than it was earlier…

Go help Grandma clean up the dishes.

So what is for dessert?

Bear Claw Pie.

Say no more.  Dinner is over, if you see us running across the yard with the pie…

I’ll be throwing stones at you to get it back.

It’s not frozen, Dad doesn’t like it as much that way.

I think we’ll be ok.

Hey!  I have a project for you.  It’s small.

They all start that way…

I want you to make me a wooden soap dish, so my bars of soap can drain and dry.

I’ve actually been thinking about making one anyway.

Perfect.  And when they go over huge we can retire!


(And about this time tumble number one happens)

She’s OK, she just kind of rolled off the bottom step but she bumped her head.

Do you need ice?

Yeah, probably should so she can fight me and we can all feel better (and that is basically what happened)

Where is your mom tonight?

She just needed a little break.  Some personal time.

Fair enough.

At this point after inhaling my delicious pie, my kids were running amok and I lost the conversation.  In fact they were so filthy I had to give them a bath before loading them into the car to take them home.

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