Happy Birthday Beth!

This birthday dinner featured a few tried and true family favorites, Lasagna and Chocolate Cake most notably.  We also had Caesar Salad (with homemade dressing complete with anchovy paste) and homemade bread.

Between three certain young men, there was concern one pan of lasagna would not be enough, but rest assured, this “one” pan of pasta I am sure weighed at least 10 pounds.  There were even a few pieces left.  The smallest of those sitting at the table feasted on mini-meatballs and peas also.

In all, there were 10 adults, 1 tweenager and 3 toddlers enjoying this birthday meal.

Would you like to say a short prayer?

Me? Sure, why not.

I do mean short now!

As our plates got passed down to be filled with lasanga, the other bowls and plates made their way around the table.

There were a few residual hokey jokes that carried over from last weeks joke fest.

We talked about how to make re-useable “plastic” wrap from cotton cloth and bee’s wax and catching up about the people we’ve seen recently and the places we have been.

And then my mom remembered she had done my oldest daughter’s DNA testing through Ancestry.com and the results had finally come in!  While the results were slightly surprising, they did make sense and resulted in a great conversation about where different countries are located and where families originated from.  It was fun for my daughter to compare her results against her grandparents too!

Which lead to a discussion about genetics and how they work and what DNA looks like and all sorts of fun nerdy things.  No one has come up with Neanderthal DNA that we know of so far.

And then the birthday came out!  Perfectly chocolate, and my three year old who was devastated it wasn’t her birthday cake, happily sang Happy Birthday to her friend Beth (although when we got to the Dear “insert name here”, it got a little muddled between the names!)

So Happy Birthday Beth! And thanks for a great dinner menu!








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