Happy Birthday Mollie!

This week we celebrated my youngest’s 2nd birthday!  She isn’t much of a talker but we all know that noodles are her favorite.

For dinner, we had Crispy Baked Chicken, Neighbor Chef’s Mac and Cheese (can we say bacon and smoked gouda!), homemade bread and sauteed broccoli (which the birthday girl doesn’t eat but her dad was thrilled).  For dessert, we had Blueberry Cream cheese Coffee Cake and Nutella Coffee Cake.

Partying with Mollie were 11 adults, her two big sisters, and two little cousins.

We talked about babysitting CPR classes (hard to believe my oldest is that age already!)

And goose eggs, as my geese think that its spring…

Get down from there and Don’t push her!

Where are you sitting and I have to go potty!

How’s school going?

Does the kid you watch do any athletics? My group is doing a presentation on the Paralympics.

And then roll out the Chuck Norris jokes.

“Chuck Norris made a mistake once when he thought he was wrong.”

You do know she doesn’t even really know who Chuck Norris is right?

That makes it all the more funny!

So, how do you make this Mac and Cheese?

Well first you use Cavatappi (I am indeed looking at the box to spell that correctly).  Then to make your rue you add butter and bacon grease, then equal parts half and half and cream.  So there are your calories for the day.  Then a little whole milk.

To thin it out?


Who’s ready for dessert?

Is that a Nutella cake?

It is, figured it would be worth a try since the girls like it so much.

That they do!

Ready Mollie (as she fights to escape)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Mollie, Happy birthday to you!

YAY!! (Tries to eat the candles)

Two of my three left the party asleep 🙂


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