I think it is time to sit down and type once again.  There have been a lot of changes around here lately, the latest being the laptop I am typing this on… A couple weeks ago I think the little’s finally killed my previous with the “Baby Shark” and other mind numbing songs.  It was less expensive to replace than to fix, and my photos were lost either way, so I decided to make this post my first struggle with learning a new computer

While the laptop is of minor consequence in the scheme of the farm, we have had many larger changes, that have been taking much of the energy I typically spend here.  We have added three new horses in the form of boarders to our home so welcome to Sally, Ruckus and Chief and also three new boarding cattle, Hershey, Applesauce and Sky.  Hershey and Applesauce are very temporary residents as they need only make market weight before they depart.

In addition these new residents have brought their respective families, which means A LOT of kiddos running around the farm at any given moment. My kids adore having a constant stream of friends to play with, cuddle cows with and ride horses.  We have also made good headway in many of the farm projects that have been pushed to the back burner long enough.  Many hands have made the work go faster for sure.

We have been learning new things with a new riding coach, learning about Tupperware sales and getting ready for the end of the school years.  There have been dog obedience classes and end of school preparations.  And lots and lots and lots of trips to the parts store…. did I mention hay season has begun?

But tonight as usual, Tuesday dinners are there waiting for us.  Tonight we celebrated two birthdays!

Happy Birthday Chuck and Happy Birthday Linda!

There were 11 adults, 1 tween and 4 little ones enjoying each other’s company tonight.  It has been fun watching the 4 little girls start to really play with each other and even start a little mischief.   OK so mostly my kids are mischief, but they are good teachers!

For dinner we had a grilled pork roast, fresh corn off the cob, salad, oatmeal honey bread, and loaded baked potatoes.  And after a couple renditions of Happy Birthday (everyone missed the Cha Cha chas this week) we had pineapple upside down cake!

We talked about job searches, new jobs and training employees.  We talked about trying teenagers (and possibly debated the fact that I might have given my parents a bit of a headache).  We talked about less than stellar teachers and a few that really made a difference.  We discussed the difficulties of having a degree, but not just the right one.  We admired new glasses and tattoos and got signed up for summer reading programs.  We talked about tiny new babies and refurbishing pianos.  And when the kids finally played themselves out we said goodnight!