Changes Everywhere!

It has been a long and busy year, there have been so many changes in so many things.   Animals have joined and left our family, we had a very successful first season at the Midland Area Farmers Market and are looking forward to doing a few seasonal craft shows!

The kids had a good season showing horses and have been learning a lot with their new partners, and surprising us around every turn.  Now we are getting into the busy season for sports and splitting wood.

Not all of the changes have been easy, a new job that has taken me largely off the farm (and having to deal with animal escapes via text messages, but they were well managed by my partners in crime and the community at large!).  It has been by far the most difficult change for me to accept this year, but it is also the most important change to the growth of the farm I could make.

Hopefully some upgrades will be coming soon to the website so our fabulous farm fresh soaps (and possibly bath bombs?!?) will be more readily available.

We are looking in to new ventures so if you have an interest in milk, beef or pork, produce, drop us a line! We would love to hear what you are looking for so we can best grow our little operation of logo


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