October 4th

oct 4th 2016

Salutations!  Glad you could join us for dinner again tonight!  We had beautiful weather today and just the perfect summer meal to celebrate one of the last unseasonably warm days of the year.

Tonight’s menu consisted of BBQ ribs on the grill, homemade potato salad, sauteed cauliflower with leeks, cantaloupe and wheat bread made with brown sugar and apple cider.  The combination of cauliflower and leeks was surprisingly delicate and sweet, with just a little crunch.  The baby loved it!

The bread was also a pleasant surprise, just a little sweeter than you would normally expect a wheat bread to be, but with just a hint of tartness.

The ribs are a fall off the bone masterpiece.  They had just the right amount of sauce and a light smokey flavor from the charcoal grill.  The potato salad is always freshly made, rich with sour cream, onions, and a little vinegar for tang.

Now that the meal is on the table are you ready to join the conversation?

Could you please say prayers?

Bless this house of Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day.  Amen


No husbands tonight?  Is it a girls night?

“Just the way I like it,” says Dad

Lee is on his way here.  Chris will be here late also.

Yes, you must try a bite of potato salad if you think you are going to spend the night at Grandma and Papas.

So how are our pregnant girls tonight?

Dani, “Good, very good!” “Feeling the little nugget move around all the time.”

Amanda “Eh, I miss wine on days like this.”

The red wine is not very good tonight.  It is fortified so it has a really boozy taste to it.

(Lots of chatter about different wines and spirits of all sorts)

When I was in Scotland I got to tour a facility that made scotch.

I really enjoy a nice glass of at the end of a hard day.

“These leeks and cauliflower are very good.”

“Did you hear Aunt Royleen made it into the Nature Center craft show?”

She did?!  Does she know?

Did you try some of the real milk Emily brought?

Yep, I brought real milk from our cow this morning!  Don’t worry I did pasteurize it.  I believe in germs.

It reminds me of when I was young and milking cows on the farm.  It’s like drinking half and half.

Hi, Lee, how was your day?  Good, working on shutting down the ethanol plant.

Chris walks in

” Hi honey, welcome home.” says Lee “Give me a hug”

So are we man crushing now Lee?

How is the melon? I got it at the farmers market.

Hey, I need your expertise.

2+2 = 4

You solved the problem!  No really, I need advice on cutting down a tree.

Are you done with that plate?  I’m going to start cleaning up.

Did you eat your bit of potato salad?


At least try the egg.

Ok, fine.   Hey, this is actually kinda good.

See, I told you.

Then there is some lengthy discussion about the Lions.  If you watched the game recently you can probably take an educated guess the direction that went.

And like an invocation, silence fills the air as Mom starts to bring out the dessert.

Blueberry cream cheese coffee cake.  Tender, flakey and buttery crust surrounding a rich cream cheese filling with blueberry compote.  Topped with almonds and a little glaze.

It is a good thing she made two.  Conversation barely resumes until most have gotten a second piece!

As things wind down the mama’s to be head home to their husbands, and the conversations turn to wine and the longevity of people who drink it daily.  The little girls giggle and play until they become tired and cranky.  Cartoon music fills the background.

Aunt Royleen arrives.

Do you want dinner?

No, what’s for dessert?  I can always warm dinner up later.  Did you hear I am going to be in the craft show?

She also brought a unique banner that appeared to be from Japan.

We will have to see if we can find out more, maybe what the writing is?

That looks like a signature of some sort in that corner.

Why do you think some of those symbols are circled?

Time to get the littles off to bed.  Good night everyone!

And goodnight to you.  See you next week.