Happy Birthday Nikki!

This weeks dinner was a little quieter and much smaller than it has been in a long time!  Which worked out for those of us there because we didn’t have to share the cake… I mean we really missed everyone and wish they could have joined us celebrating Nikki’s birthday.

The birthday girl didn’t have a dinner request, only a dessert.  Sin cake.  This cake I have heard go by a few names, some less family friendly than Sin Cake, but basically it is chocolate cake soaked with sweetened condensed milk and caramel sauce.  Then topped with loads of whipped cream, crushed Heath candy bars and drizzled with more caramel.  A piece is clearly a meal on its own but we did eat some real food prior to indulging.

For the main meal we had Chicken Cordon Blue, but instead of individually rolled up, the breasts were breaded and crisped and then laid casserole style with all the other traditional ingredients, an effective and delicious way to feed a time consuming dish to a crowd (my parents were expecting more than the seven adults, one tweenager, two toddlers and one infant that made it).  We also had Cauliflower with Leeks, Roasted potatoes and bread.

Well, isn’t that a fancy dress?!

Yes, at least she is wearing pants and socks with the Tinkerbell dress today!

Did you hear my news?

A little bit…

A store is going be carrying my soaps now!  They just informed me today, and they seemed really excited!

Well its just a small group of us tonight.

That’s ok, more cake for me.

Well she likes the cauliflower

Can you say prayers?

Bless this house, Lord we pray, keep us safe by night and day Amen.


Ok! Hurry, hurry!

Meanwhile, everyone is settling in with their plates, and I am organizing the children into a position to effectively eat something and not just feed it to the dog.

Can I have a few more potatoes?  You forget I feed these guys off whatever is on my plate!

Oh yeah, sorry!

So, when’s dessert?

What dessert? (Look of shock)

You don’t deserve a dessert after the trick you pulled Saturday!

It wasn’t me! They STOLE my phone and texted you those lies!

How was your dance any way?

It was really good.  Your Dad and his partner did a great job and finished.  My partner and I won “Most Entertaining” (She and the much younger gentleman did a Disco!)

Didn’t Dad win that one last year?

Yes, so now we have matching trophy’s sitting next to each other.

.The guy in the wheel chair did an amazing job.  The strength that had to take…

They really did a beautiful job.

What is it called again?  Frankenmuth Dancing with the Local Stars

dancing with the stars


And we talked about the prospective windmills that are trying to negotiate coming to our area, the pros and cons of different energy sources.  Patting sleepy babies to sleep, potty again, Tinkerbell dress didn’t survive that trip.  Is there more wine?

Where can I get Cedar planks?

The Amish usually have some, you just have to go up there, if the first one doesn’t have them he can usually point you to the guy that does.

Do they have  Western Red Cedar?

No, they are only going to have local kinds of wood.  But they are a great price!

And they’re more environmentally friendly, no shipping!

Well, this is the week we are going to get the roof done.

Just one week huh?

Their bathroom started as one week… their project started as a couple days..

Well, we have a week, we’re not expecting help, but if want the entertainment value, comeon over.

Is everyone ready for dessert or should I wait a little bit?

No, we’re ready!

What is this wine?

He couldn’t stay for dinner but brought the wine anyway.

Sweet, I’ll try it (makes a face).  Its not good.

Let me try.. (makes a face), ooh its getting worse as it sits in my mouth

Mom and Dad try a glass… (faces) AH! It does get worse!

You know, I have no desire to try that, you are all making identical faces of yuck.

I think I’ll have to take this back to him…

It must be the Chardonnay blended in that ruins it.

Hey kiddo, you ready to sing happy birthday?

Happy Birthday to you (cha cha cha) Happy Birthday to you (cha cha cha) Happy Birthday dear Nikki! Happy Birthday to you!

Now, how many boyfriends do you have… blows all the candles out.

Alright! High five!

I’m not serving the cake, someone else can.

Ok, one for you and you… and this piece is for you right? (Points to half the cake)

I wish I could!

This first piece isn’t going to be pretty

That’s ok, I don’t care what it looks like.

Oh really?! (SPLAT! Upside down on the plate and everyone laughs)

Well, its not as bad as our wedding, we just about ruined the kitchen.

Not to rush you out, but you should probably get her home.  Shes really tired.

Finishing dessert, change into Pj’s little bits of conversation here and there.

Good night everyone.









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