Belated Tuesday

How time flies!  I missed telling you about last week’s dinner by a mile!  It was certainly a fun time, all the babies were there, the toddlers, the tween girls, and some assorted adults.

We had one of our families favorite comfort foods “Mrs. Millers Marvelous Meatballs,”  The names is a mouthful, but they are a wonderful barbecue style meatball that goes perfectly over egg noodles or as originally intended when my parents first acquired the recipe years ago, as appetizers!  We also had Lemon Meringue Pie, which even though mom claimed she goofed up getting a little yolk in the whites, it still was delicious!

Here are the pictures from the meal:


P.s.  We did not have dinner this Tuesday in anticipation of our friend and formerly regular dinner attendee to arrive later in the week!!!!  My oldest daughter is super excited to be reunited with her ‘twin’ 🙂


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